Our goal is to solve the worldwide problem of access to running water*

*1/6 of humankind does not have access to
running water and basic sanitation.

  • In sub-Saharan Africa, women spend 40 billion hours a year walking for water
  • Our products can shorten it significantly
  • Over 450,000 children died last year from water-related diseases
  • Our products has the power to save thousands of lives
  • In many countries people lack water because they can’t afford it.
  • Our product can considerably reduce water charges by reducing water use.

See our impact so far

In the fight to end hygiene poverty

we provide water-saving and portable devices for personal hygiene.


Kibera in Nairobi is the biggest slum in Africa. About 700 000 people live there and approximately 300 000 of them are kids. There is no access to running water and inadequate access to sanitation,...


In February 2019 we met with representatives of various organizations (NGOs) in Jordan. With the help of ACF – Action Internationale Contre la Faim we conducted tests in the Azraq camp, which gave us valuable...


We are collaborating with Edith Ogbonna Foundation and conducted tests among the residents of Durumi IDP camp in Nigeria in 2018 and 2019. We had a chance to talk to refugees from the state of...


Reflections from the first HandyShower testing phase in Peru. 7 days in Lima, July 2018 What the heck is HandyShower? After three intensive years spent studying and working in Paris, I decided to return to...


We delivered several HandyShower sets to the Muslim school in Ghana.

Central African Republic

In 2017 we provided 10 sets for a Pygmie’s village in Central African Republic.  


In 2017, we delivered 10 sets to Mustang District in Nepal for local people in rural areas without running water.  

Our innovation

water-saving and portable devices for personal hygiene

Patented technology!

The essential part of all our devices is patented friction-less teemer®-valve It is durable and efficient, resulting in an even 70% reduction in used water.


All our devices have a modular structure allowing for customization for your individual needs. For large orders, we may modify our devices to meet even the most demanding needs.

Easy adaptation

Our devices can be easily adapted for both outdoor and indoor situations. They are perfect for traveling and as backup stationary solutions.


We cooperate with many organizations all over the world

  • Edith Ogbonna Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization Founded on 2013 by Edith E. F. Ogbonna and duly registered in Nigeria. At Edith Ogbonna Foundation we believe that it takes the power of many to end children’s illiteracy and hunger.

Are you a water related humanitarian aid organization?

Become our partner and we can send you free samples for testing. Together we can more effectively help those who struggle with the right access to water.

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